Our Story

Thanks to Allah Almighty for providing me the unique opportunity to render my services for publication of religious education materials. Approximately 48 years ago, my father namely Ch. GhulamRasool inaugurated the press publication with the entity of “Progressive Books” and this was the matter of past era, when some of institutions were publishing the religious Books in Pakistan, but it would be necessary to mention here at that time there was some of institutions which were doing this work.

My father started the work of publication afresh in a very despondent condition. My father maintained the publication of religious books in which the well-known books are of Tafseer, Hadith, Seerat, Fiqah, Tasawwof, History, Dawat-e-Tableeg, Dars-e-Nizami, Sawan, Naat and most of other books. With the blessing of Allah Almighty, today our organization is not only famous in Pakistan but also has the distinguished repute in the global world in respect of publication of Translation and transformation of Authors of Hadith Books.

Since the inception, our organization has been published more than 400 Books uptil now and is continuing the more work of transformation of Hadith, TafseerSeerat as all of this is the blessing of Allah Almighty and is the result of day and night zealous and passionate commitment of my father.

Our organization has the distinguished reputation within the other prominent organization of Pakistan. Our organization has been published the translation books of notable and outstanding Scholars and intellectualists of Ahl-e-Sunnat Sect. Besides this, our organization has also eminent repute in so many other works as compared to other organizations.

All of our valuable clients / regulars either living inside the country and in abroad and are affiliated with our organization in connection for publication is reverently requested to keep the organization in their prayers as well as to give us their precious advices.

Yours Sincerely.

Ch. Shahbaz Rasul,

Ch. Jawwad Rasul,

Ch. Shahzad Rasul

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